Tiergerechtheitsindex - Animal Needs Index

TGI 35L - ANI 35L

TGI 35-L Legehennen
TGI 35-L Schweine
TGI 35L- Rinder
Animal Needs Index ANI35L cattle
Animal Needs Index ANI35L laying hens
An Historical Account for the Development of the Animal Needs Index ANI-35L as Part of the Attempt to Promote and Regulate Farm Animal Welfare in Austria: An Example of the Interaction Between Animal Welfare Science and Society. Acta Agric. Scand., Sect. A, Animal Sci. 2001: Suppl., 30, 34 – 41.
A review of the animal needs index (ANI) for the assessment of animal´s well-being in the housing system for Austrian proprietary products and legislation, Livestock Production Science, 61, 1999, 179 - 192

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